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Agendas include links to reports for most DAC agenda items. Attachments to these reports are only available for current meeting agenda items. After the meeting, attachments to reports can only be obtained through the Freedom of Information process.

Current agenda papers are available here

15 December 2016DAC/IMDACAgenda Minutes
8 December 2016DAC/IMDACAgenda Minutes
24 November 2016DAC/IMDACAgenda Minutes
7 November 2016DAC/IMDACAgenda Minutes
10 November 2016DAC/IMDACAgenda Minutes
27 October 2016DAC/IMDAC/PADACAgenda Minutes
13 October 2016DAC/IMDAC/PADACAgenda Minutes
29 September 2016DAC/IMDACAgenda Minutes
22 September 2016DAC/IMDAC/PADACAgenda Minutes
8 September 2016DAC/PADACAgenda Minutes
25 August 2016DACAgenda Minutes
11 August 2016DAC/IMDACAgenda Minutes
28 July 2016DAC/IMDACAgenda Minutes
14 July 2016DAC / IMDACAgenda Minutes
7 July 2016DACAgenda Minutes
23 June 2016DAC / IMDACAgenda Minutes
9 June 2016DAC / IMDACAgenda Minutes
26th May 2016DAC / IMDACAgenda Minutes
19th May 2016DAC HearingAgenda Minutes
12th May 2016DAC / IMDACAgenda Minutes
28th April 2016DAC / IMDACAgenda Minutes
14 April 2016DACAgenda Minutes
31 March 2016DAC / IMDACAgenda Minutes
17 March 2016DAC / IMDACAgenda Minutes
10 March 2016DAC / IMDAC / PADACAgenda Minutes
25 February 2016DACAgenda Minutes
11 February 2016DACAgenda Minutes
 IMDACAgenda Minutes
28 January 2016DACAgenda Minutes
21 January 2016DACAgenda Minutes
 IMDACAgenda Minutes