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Agenda and Minutes

Development Assessment Commission

An indicative schedule of remaining DAC hearings in 2017 is here (PDF, 29 KB).

The next scheduled meeting of the Development Assessment Commission will be on Thursday, 11 May 2017 at 28 Leigh Street, Adelaide.

Development Assessment Commission Agenda - 13 April 2017 (PDF, 40 KB)

Development Assessment Commission Minutes - 13 April 2017 (PDF, 250 KB)

Agenda Item No DA Number Site and Proposal Report and Attachments

Inner Metropolitan Development Assessment Committee

More information regarding the Inner Metropolitan Development Assessment Committee can be found here.

The next scheduled Inner Metropolitan Development Assessment Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, 11 May 2017 at 28 Leigh Street, Adelaide. 

Agenda Item No DA Number Site and Proposal Report and Attachments

The Commission generally meets in Adelaide every second and fourth Thursday of each month, although it can meet more often if required. It can also meet separately to visit the site of a proposed development.

The Commission’s agenda for a forthcoming meeting is made available on this website and from the Commission Secretary from the Monday prior to the meeting.

All papers relating to applications for decision by the Commission at the meeting (excluding legal opinion and commercially confidential information, and papers relating to Crown Development or mining proposals) are available online and for inspection and purchase at the public counter of the Commission from the Monday morning prior to the meeting (Level 5, 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide).

When there is to be a hearing on an application, all parties who have indicated a wish to be heard will be advised of the availability of the agenda papers when they are advised of the time of the hearing.


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