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DAC Archive 2017

Agendas include links to reports for most DAC agenda items. Attachments to these reports are only available for current meeting agenda items. After the meeting, attachments to reports can only be obtained through the Freedom of Information process.

Current agenda papers are available here

23 March 2017DACAgenda (PDF, 39 KB)Minutes (PDF, 79 KB)
9 March 2017DACAgenda (PDF, 39 KB)Minutes (PDF, 96 KB)
23 February 2017DAC/IMDACAgenda (PDF, 39 KB)Minutes (PDF, 96 KB)
09 February 2017DAC/IMDACAgenda (PDF, 40 KB)Minutes (PDF, 148 KB)
02 February 2017DAC Agenda   (PDF, 39 KB) Minutes   (PDF, 65 KB)
19 January 2017 DAC/IMDACAgenda (PDF, 40 KB) Minutes (PDF, 139 KB)