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Welcome to the Development Assessment Commission 

The Development Assessment Commission (Commission) is an independent statutory body established under South Australia's Development Act 1993.  The DAC has a role:

  • assess and determine development applications, pursuant to Schedule 10 of the Development Regulations 2008
  • act as the concurring authority for non-complying applications approved by a council or regional assessment panel
  • assess and report on crown development and public infrastructure applications to the Minister for Planning
  • assist in the initial stages of proposals being assessed under the major development provisions of the Act
  • act as the lodgement authority for all land division applications
  • provide advice to the Minister.

More on each of these can be found on the 'What is DAC?' page.

The Commission consists of seven members, who are appointed by the Governor of South Australia.

An indicative schedule of DAC hearings for 2017 is available here.